Library life is challenging, interesting, fill of learning and growth and at times could be exciting.  To me depending on your area of work is exciting, rewarding, and entertaining.

My area of specialty in the library is trade related matters.



17 thoughts on “LIBRARY LIFE

  1. Hi I agree with you Library life is all those things and much more, but you must have a passion for it and not just be because of a paycheck! As with any profession there will be trying times and loving what you do will definitely get you through those times!

  2. to tell u the truth i had a passion, it is fill with opportunities no one in my area could have gotten, but the tool to do the job is expensive and the manpower is exhausting.

  3. most person’s are under the assumption that library work is just simplying sitting behind a desk…Truth be told it’s more than that. I believe if you don’t have a passion to opening the minds of people and working with children and young adults then the library is not the place for you.

  4. Huh. It is quite interesting, Michelle. I was one of the persons, who although i loved to read, didn’t understand and appreciate all that went into the library services that are offered. But it really is quite exciting and interesting although at times the work can seem monotonous.

  5. I agree, Michelle. It can be exciting etc, but at times the work can be just that little bit monotonous. I was one of the persons who was not aware of all that goes into the library services that were offered in my public library in Siparia, all i did was go to the library and borrowed books. Now, my whole concept of what library work is has changed.

  6. Library life is like a society…which may be more enjoyable at the times it seems stressful if we take it lightly, monotony …hmm, seems to be in everything, just that the everything seems to be genuinely enjoyed, so to some this monotony doesn’t exist.

  7. I think library life is exciting when you have something to do that changes ever so often.. When you have to do the same thing over and over it tends to get boring.. so that why we need to keep active in the library, it may sound easy but it’s very difficult to find different stuff to keep you going..

  8. I guess that the library needs to do more so that patrons won’t think it is just a place for information and nothing else, there needs to be more activities going on in the library inviting the patrons to see the services that it have to offer.

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