As I said before Ms Springer is passionate about Caribbeana, but my God!, I didn’t think that I need to breath every so often, the curriculum Is compact, alot of research to do as welll as re-reading of notes to get done.

This is a brief bibliography information about Ms Eintou Spinger –

Eintou Pearl Springer is a poet, author, storyteller, an award winning actress and an activist. She is the Creative Force of IDAKEDA and the originator of the Idakeda ‘Baby Doll Intervention technique’ specifically targeted to dealing with the social challenges of at ‘at risk’ young people in communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and globally.

Audiences around the world have been inspired by Ms. Springer’s unique brand of poetry. She was nominated Poet Laureate of Port of Spain from 2002-2009 and holds the distinct honour of being the first national of Trinidad and Tobago to perform her poetry at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. As an author, she has published five books of poetry, ‘Loving the Skin I’m In’, ‘Moving into the Light’, ‘Out of the Shadows’ and ‘Focussed’, as well as stories for children entitled ‘God Child’. She recently launched her latest title ‘Loving the Skin I’m In’.

Eintou has been a traditional storyteller for more than three decades. She has regaled audiences with her craft in the USA, UK, English and French speaking Caribbean and Africa. She has conducted storytelling workshops for teachers and educators all over the world and is herself a creator of original stories in the folk tradition of her native Trinidad and Tobago.

Eintou, a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, is the recipient of a national award, the Humming Bird Silver Medal, for her contribution to the development and propagation of Arts and Culture. An award-winning actress, and in 2004 was awarded the Vanguard Award of the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT), an organisation that she helped to form. She recently retired as Director of the National Heritage Library of Trinidad and Tobago an institution which she holds the distinct honour of creating and developing.

As an academic, Eintou has shared her original thought at numerous prestigious world fora on issues ranging from African History and Politics and Caribbean Information Systems, to a diverse range of women related subject matter and the contribution of the Orisa faith to world development.

As a devotee of the traditional African Orisa religion, Ms. Springer has pioneered original thought and research on the history and importance of the belief system to our society. Working with a team of committed researchers, priests and believers, she has successfully lobbied the T&T government to make the necessary changes to laws that actively encouraged the repression of the religion and the sense of self of the African community. The Orisa community of Trinidad and Tobago has twice honoured Ms. Springer for her work in and commitment to this cause.

She is the Cultural Chair of the Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad and Tobago, an organisation that has pioneered and inspired Emancipation celebrations throughout the diaspora, notably in Ghana and Jamaica.

Her career as an activist, educator and artist has been a lifetime of service to the dispossessed youth of the inner cities, young artists, dramatists and performers and basically any bright spark with the gleam of the future in their eyes. It is this drive to empower young people that inspires and fuels her talents as a storyteller and magician of the spoken word.

She is the mother of three children, the grandmother of five and the unofficial mother, grandmother and mentor of countless children in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and elsewhere“. ( http://www.idakedagroup.com/about.php?contentid=1012)

Let the journey begin.


2 thoughts on “2nd DAY IN CLASS

  1. Her passion for Caribbeana is amazing. I know she’s trying to impart that love for it to us, however it sometimes feels like information overload. Reading of notes is important if we intend to understand and appreciate the information.

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