So today I met the famous Ms Eintou Springer, she is my Caribbeana 2 lecturer.  I must say this lady is passionate about history, about our Caribbean History.

We spoke about Who and What are Librarian and our duty as a budding Librarian;

  1. Librarians helps to build the identity of people in society.
  2. Spreads and influence culture Morales {habits} through the exposure to a nation’s literary output.
  3. Promotes a dialogue of culture.
  4. Presents a people to itself.
  5. Affirms the selfhood of a people.

We spoke about Caribbean Themes –

Caribbean Themes: The main topics Caribbean writer write about.

  1. Ethnicity
  2. Identity
  3. Enslavement
  4. Indentureship
  5. Colonialism

As well as to what we have to look forward to, during the next few months in Ms Springer’s Class.

Lets see what the next few months bring


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